Pet Names

Browse or search our huge list of popular names to find a great name for your pet cat

Name Meaning Gender Rating
Tigger Charater from Whinne the Pooh Both **
Puss A cat Both **
Whiskers Hair or bristles that grow near the mouth Both **
Pumpkin Large round fruit with orange skin Female ****.
Sylvester From Silas - From the forest. Male ****.
Snowball Snow packed into a ball Both ****
Boots A foot covering. Both ***
Tabitha The gazelle Female ***
Garfield Male **.
Sabrina A princess Female **.
Hobbes Male **
Mittens Covering for the hand Both **
Butterscotch Flavor made from melting brown sugar and butter. Female **
Miss Kitty Female **
Tucker Cloth thickener. Male *.

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